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America Is Dead - A Living School

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Roseanne Barr on Trump, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, and More (Part 2)

America is dead. The rest the world is waiting for you to stop shitting in your cultural kiddie pool and calling it your "super power."


bro-man jensen
+Rayn Gryphon Care to elaborate, you said a lot of nothing.

Rayn Gryphon
+bro-man jensen
Well, my good man, since I make a living dealing with a special kind of human being who is enthusiastically mentally challenged, I would care very much to elaborate.

But first I have to ask you, Are you currently on any medication?

Any allergies? (e.g. to the truth, reasoning, rational argument, facts, basic levels of comprehension)

I only ask because, technically speaking, if you understood my statement to actually mean "nothing" then that would seem to suggest that your comprehension or literacy skills are rather more evidence of my claim than a sweeping refutation of it, if that was your intent. And I do not know what is more horrifying, that it was your intent or that it was not.

But by all means I would love to chat with you.

Please continue.

bro-man jensen
+Rayn Gryphon Ok so more nothing.

Rayn Gryphon
+bro-man jensen
And... so more Captain Obvious to the rescue:

So where you live (America), being shit stupid is a sign of distinction?

Okay. In parlance, I do not understand a single thing that Rubin says in this video, so there.

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Roseanne Barr on Trump, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, and More (Part 2)

poopoo the smarties
commented on a video on YouTube.

Being Australian, I don't know who she is, but she seems ill educated;

Passionate and well intended but not educated, it's very clear that she lets her emotions lead her. "The path to hell is paved with good intentions"

*If you let your emotions lead you, you are the easiest to manipulate.

Karan Lobana
I agree... when a person is so passionate about a certain agenda, they tend to deviate from reality and start living in somewhat of a delusion. Plus, I think her constant swearing didnt help her achieve anything other than annoy...

I'm Australian and I know who she is.

She's an old sitcom star/ comedian from the 80's and 90's- mostly. She's way the fuck out there, short tempered and a bit crazy. But she isn't a liar, and she has some good stories (when she can speak consistently enough to tell the whole thing).

it has nothing to do with being Australian, its more if you grew up watching channel 10 in the 90's

Rayn Gryphon
I don't think you know the woman you are talking about. She is one of the most well educated Americans in that country. Do some research, poopoo.

Shelley Cline
Care to expound on why you think these things? I'm very curious why you think she is uneducated.

she's a high school drop out - - powered by the intertubes

Shelley Cline
+Targa7W So that means a person isn't educated or does it mean they have little formal education? 

Rayn Gryphon
+Shelley Cline
This conversation has lost all charm for me. I thought I might regale the assembled with my disapproval because I have YoutTube-itis, the uncommon yen to vent my every discomfort, even if it has next to nothing to do with anything. Good day, happy sailing, and thanks for all the fish.

Will M
check out the early seasons of 'Roseanne' on netflix or something
it was pretty awesome before it went tits up

+Shelley Cline
did I say that? - just didn't speculate.

Will M
also she speaks a lot of sense here
it's not just emotional at all

Shelley Cline
+Targa7W I didn't say you said that. I ask you a question. Just curious about your view.

I'm a high school drop out myself, best educational decision I ever made, as to Ms Barr, I have insufficient grounds to comment.  

Shelley Cline
+Targa7W I completely respect that answer.

Rayn Gryphon
The best thing about formal education is its premier challenge to one's every natal and native faculty of creativity and reasoning, sense and perception.

"I like to read. I also like books."

The declarative tag line of a 34 year old female Canadian Graduate student who has, by all appearances, enjoyed all the benefits that a cybernetic society has to offer...

Contrary to popular cybernetic belief, your education does not end (if ever) upon your albeit laudable receipt of a piece of paper but with your ability to demonstrate (to the complete satisfaction of anyone and everyone of any nation, age, colour, education, language or creed, to anything or any living dimension of Nature's Heaven and Earth, that of a truly human truly living school) the ability to think for yourself and to determine what is real or good or true in terms of every dimension of the supremely coordinated genius and feeling of your birth and that of all of the Universe, your ability to demonstrate to anything, anyone and everyone, at any time, your sound conscious capacity for an truly boundless Life, for the fount, bliss and fulfillment of the Life of every subject known and unknown to Man, Woman and Child, your ability to demonstrate, when prompted by anyone, your reasonably consistent ability to sufficiently anticipate or consider the feelings, needs or being of any other human being or living system, any Man, Woman or Child.

How many people could satisfy this definition of educated in any respective cybernetic society on Earth, its compromise (for the sake of augmenting our thought instead of or at the infinite if "indispensable" cost of properly nourishing it) rather laying at the basis of most all modern systems of cybernetic education?

What is a school?

Schooling, as a verb, is, I feel, the sum and the sum value of any system runs purpose with the sum of all of the natural forces that will, if permitted to do so by Man, always tend to nourish and nurture a child's born capacity to demonstrate to any living thing or to any other human being of any age, language, creed or culture (at any time) their conscious capacity for critical thought and for Life itself, and thus for a reasonable consideration for Life.

A school is what any living space is meant to provide a human being if permitted to do so by Man. It can only ever be prevented from doing so by a delusional psychosis, a trauma-acquired immunological and biological imperative to protect the mind from anything like the emotions (good and bad water the cosmic proportions of various complex brain functions), thoughts, information, feedback or energy that would most serve to improve or restore Man's conscious capacity for critical thought, for Life and for a reasonable and as reasonably consistent consideration for the needs and feelings of all other Life forms that is only made possible and can only be made possible by that understanding which is the natural experiential result of gaining anything like the full value of ones born emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, visible and invisible Life and conscious capacity for Life.

I was bored.

Rayn Gryphon
Thousands of years from now, when we are knocking two stones together and wondering how people used to get along with so little actual contact with the living universe around them, I can well suppose that the word "education" as it was known in the twenty-first century will have acquired slightly less flattering connotations. If this pisses you off. Good! You should be angry.

- From "Education in Perspective"

Through modern education, from its inception, one is only able to obtain and is only ever going to obtain but a "graduation" of but a shadow of your native intelligence and wealth by abdicating, by staggered "degrees", your ability if not desire to study whatever you want by nature under the threat of death of one kind or another, a threat, observing the epidemic levels of mass human morbid disorientation to life, that is generally made good on as though the sole source of all "good" in life. This could be called an education under the influence of the very psychotic delusion, however functional or liberal it may seem, that it itself industrially farms, fertilizes, produces, excuses and utilizes for and under the guise of every remaining concept of progress, safety, security, evolution, humanity or truth. And it is greatly helped, if you will, by having our children, from the age of four or five, placed in State institutes and forced to conform to the rigors, complete with bells and buzzers, of a "work week" (most teachers, even daycare teachers I have ever met have a "the sooner, the better attitude, betraying a universal recourse to the very trauma most adults have become used to as though the very apotheosis of expert prescriptions for human development) for the next thirteen years upon threat of one kind of death, punctuated by one kind of reward or ridicule or another, after which many are even proud, as was I, at being able to go to a school, a university or college, without my need for such decidedly Malthusian prompts and incentives, bells and buzzers. Ah, the "freedom" of it all, of a "liberal" education.

And, all in all, is anyone of any even rudimentary knowledge of human family history expected to believe, without any critical objection or skepticism, that the education system produced by thousands of years of conquest, internecine genocide and as scientific and religious exploitation of brains rendered by the same but suggestible lumps of human clay (and property, for the most part, indentured or not, independent or not) is anything but a form of, however meritorious or useful, brainwashing makes strategic use, easier than you would ever believe, of what but savant distributions of thought and industry manage to survive its over thirteen years of monopoly, with parental consent, of developmental influence over a child's brain as though rendered tabula rasa, whatever knowledge a child is born with by design, before the encroaching well-meaning hordes of doting school counselors, administrators and professors and their subordinate uncles, aunts, cousins, mothers and fathers? This is, by definition and by any coordination of biology and psychology we have ever professed to aspire to, dehumanizing, the proof of which being how many people would be more likely to object to my objection than to the education system I describe, even when daily confronted with scales of human crime, domestic violence, disease, political persecution and war as though it is "just the way it is" or as though by applying the very same things that most blunt human brain function (and native coordination with life) are the only means to create "Peace on Earth", in anticipation of which we spend more on everything, including our education. Am I the only one, raised by several concentric spheres of ancient cults, who thinks that this looks remarkably similar to a formula for a level of mass human death of every kind that would make Adolf Hitler, Henry Ford (who worked for and was decorated by the international conglomerate or mafia from which Nazism and WWI, WWII, Vietnam, JFK's assassination and 9/11 were spawned and for whom it still plays a critical mind control tool of no end of power), Attila the Hun (or Hillary Clinton) blush? (Everything is a Rich Man's Trick)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Axiom 732 - Ancestral Religion - The End of God - A Living School

Nature helps bend and reflect, remember and resurrect, receive and send and commemorate within and beyond all physical bounds the living creative language, psychology and intelligence of our emotional, mental, sexual and physical (and celestial) being and that of our sun and moon as much as the pleasures and sports of our heavenly mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers, daughters and sons here and hereafter across and under the supreme force of the seasons of eternity, of the consummated and invincibly fertile, kind, sexual and understanding, romantic and all encompassing feminine and masculine river of the sexual and holy nectar of each our lives and so running beyond the far horizon of all the illimitable skies of our minds, our desires and of all our relationships with one another (mother and father and child, friend and lover), of our whole creation, creativity and psychology in heaven and earth, that of each our inherited sensibility of our worth to all that is holy and filthy and wise in nature and in our children's nature - divine.

- Rayn Gryphon (Brother of the Temple of the Golden Sons and Daughters)

The laws of nature include respecting our experience and sense of our emotional being and ourselves. 

So much as we strengthen our muscles in order to do and by doing things with the physical world (or with one another beneath the moon or sun), we are daily strengthening our mental, emotional and physical organs and faculties in order to do the most universally vital  and satisfying activity in the world - relating to life and nature, which includes our ancestors living and past.... and future. 

Science has inherited traditions that tasked a more and more sophisticated and technical (and poetic) language in order to examine the cellular and physical (and in some ways psychological albeit bound to discrete physical mechanics) world much more deeply.

There is not a person alive who has not benefited from this great tradition in some way in the last thirty seconds.

But science is best by being a cold, unfeeling, dead object of mathematical and heuristic accuracy and precision, a tool.

Therefore, it is self-evident and logical as science is purely useful and logical that we are the masters of science, the tool, and not the other way around.

Should your hammer and chisel rule the world like a king?


Excellent. Your mother and father would be proud.

Speaking of your mother and father:

Just as they function as celestial beings while you are an infant and toddler (a sun that has its dusk and dawn roughly between ages 18 and 40), so they function as celestial beings (to your mind) as you and they get older. The golden son of our celestial divine family grows over time and fades over time into the stark light of our immediate immersion in their world and ours, here and hereafter (day and night).

And not only our mother and father, each of whom take on more celestial roles in our lives at infancy and middle age (and older age), but also our uncles and cousins, brothers and sisters, ammas and pappies.

You don't do blood sacrifices to your uncle or aunt, do you?

And any God whose qualities could not be the qualities of nature is not any God at all, certainly not any god who belongs in our family.

We have terrestrial and celestial blood relations.

And so we can relate to nature because nature is our relation and all of our relations (especially as they age or we get reborn). We can relate to nature because nature is all about and loves nothing more than our growth in each our own most supremely personal way that will never reveal its divine secrets and orders to even the richest and wisest supplicant to the altar of our Lord and Lady, our native childlike command of the angels and elements of transformation in and to the eternal music of a living language, temple and school, a living super computer, if you will, who and what requires the offering merely of ourselves, something we are already offering all of the time, much as we would to our terrestrial mother and father or to a lover - so with our celestial mother and father - and lover (who could be a lot of people after so many lives).

And we recognize our family (and every one on earth) as celestial beings (having a celestial and terrestrial, male and female, celestial and preternatural, good and destructive) with a celestial psychology much as our psychology that, from will to reflex, interacts with by admitting and rejecting all combinations of elements and energies (some of which can shapeshift from good to destructive, destructive to good by themselves and by our will or by our growth creative process of communion with our nature as a human being, in all of which our cells, desires and relations our involved across all conscious bounds in space, matter and time), as we recognize the mere subject of celestial psychology and so recognize our native tongue to some greater degree of wholeness essential to any wholeness to which Man aspires we admit more of our own celestial dimension or scale of self into our lives.

This, to me, is the essence of Satanism and Luciferianism, even Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern Transcendentalism, Bardism, Shamanism and Hedonism.

These are largely sublimated surviving traditions of our family religions, which are the only normal religions that have ever been the way walking upright is the only normal way to walk.

We can all related to nature because we are all blood relations of nature's terrestrial and celestial psychology.

And breaking this up is what all religions and all types of modern spiritual philosophies have been designed to molded to do: that is why Catholic priests are called "Father" and that is why other Christian figure heads are called "Mother." In idea, millions worship a so-called living saint named Amritanandamayi Devi or Amma who, for all her celestial nature, also reflects the divine nature of millions of followers as though it is really Amma's whole nature. She learned to act Hindu god drams out at a young age and was so good the credulous devoted among her family decided to make her "one of the family" for eternity, blood relation or not.

The money she brings in might be a good thing.

But pretending to be on par or in place of one's own ancestors and letting her do that are equal insults to our archaic celestial heritage, a celestial psychology (and the reciprocal function and vocabulary of every organ of our body, mind, emotional and sexual pleasure) through which all knowledge attains and from whence all knowledge sustains its most resounding notes in the great song of life.      

Nature helps bend and reflect, remember and resurrect, receive and send and commemorate within and beyond all physical bounds the living creative language, psychology and intelligence of our emotional, mental, sexual and physical (and celestial) being and that of our sun and moon as much as the pleasures and sports of our heavenly mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers, daughters and sons here and hereafter across and under the supreme force of the seasons of eternity, of the consummated and invincibly fertile, kind, sexual and understanding, romantic and all encompassing feminine and masculine river of the sexual and holy nectar of each our lives and so running beyond the far horizon of all the illimitable skies of our minds, our desires and of all our relationships with one another (mother and father and child, friend and lover), of our whole creation, creativity and psychology in heaven and earth, that of each our inherited sensibility of our worth to all that is holy and filthy and wise in nature and in our children's nature - divine.

Jesus or Muhammad, Buddha or Horus are not the only holy families.

Honour your own.

Roger Waters The Wall Official Trailer 1 (2015)

Hell were where they found themselves when they were said to be
By every measure of the womb of man and nature flawed
Unable take upon themselves the office of a sea
Awash an pandaemonium the heritage of gods
He stole like thieves of night and day the mantle of the clouds
And mountains flung from heaven's high supernal throne a fiend
Whose humble birth from human pleasure raised unto the bounds
And foundries of the spring and winter changed from god to Beast

Prometheus Unbound - A Living Epic Poem (Aug 2016)

Hell were where they found themselves when they were said to be
By every measure of the womb of man and nature flawed
Unable take upon themselves the office of a sea
Awash an pandaemonium the heritage of gods
He stole like thieves of night and day the mantle of the clouds
And mountains flung from heaven's high supernal throne a fiend
Whose humble birth from human pleasure raised unto the bounds
And foundries of the spring and winter changed from god to Beast 

Axiom 731 - Man: Burden or Blessing?

The average democratic citizen zealot of more religious cult mythology and orthodox than any of them could possibly come to exhume themselves from in one single lifetime works and its compelled to work for a value converted into a kind of monetary currency and thus for all the money needed to take care of them, lest they be anymore of a burden to life and society than they already are.

This industrial psycho-mythology and its glorified religious, scientific and academic abattoirs, churches and institutes (its whole culture wrought from the subsequently largely self-inflicted psychotic delusions of the very people it presumes to save from hell and render unto some in an endless retinue (or coterie) of heaven and hell most acceptable to the gnomes in Zurich, Rome, London and Washington D.C. (all capitals of the Roman Empire at large) is false and dehumanizing.

By its own largely occulted lights, each and every human being work-hour is worth roughly (conservatively) a thousand times more than they are remunerated for. And what is more, this applies to every hour of natural human industry and activity, mentally, emotionally, socially and sexually, irrespective of whether or not one is under contract with the Roman Church branch office of Indentured Servitude (making you sick, poor, rich, happy and safe since the Inquisition) and its economically-retarded capacity for resolving one's human needs and genius with the demands of a cybernetic-industrial society under whatever economic, religious, spiritual or historical pretense and its attendant propensities for excusing and animating every scale of glorified and justified symbiotic mass psychosis and its diminished capacity to care.

But, of course, to entertain this notion one has to open up the borders of every single human faculty that serves, among its other noble purposes (like helping us see, smell, think, taste, hear and create), to keep our own freedom from spilling into our minds, our lives and the world, something we are taught (without any thought at this point) to protect ourselves, our world and our parents from - ourselves.

Axiom 730 - The Purpose of Life As A God

Axiom 730 - The Purpose of Life As A God (as a son or daughter or both of all that sex and love ever was or could be)

All religion and spirituality, all notions of punishment are utterly false. 

Need it be said that life is entirely about becoming more aware of, gaining more born benefits from or otherwise enjoying more of our unconscious mind or self (unconscious regions of our minds and selves).  

This unconscious terrain that goes into all depths of past, mind and body, memory and appetite, into all the reaches of existence and eternal life and bliss is naturally sublimated upon our birth as spirits and as human beings.

And so the best way to access this part of ourselves is to be creative, to engage and communicate with every kind of living creative intelligence surpasses all bounds of mind and matter.

Speak with your life. 

We all do it. 

Just remember that whatever you create is necessarily separate from yourself. No one but a delusional psychotic "creates themselves."

Only that by interacting with creative intelligence we can become more sensible of ourselves and our nature and psychology as divine human gods (a classification of species that is not nearly precluded by physical transformation across the here and hereafter at regular intervals, like the seasons).

Just remember that what you create only you can destroy.

Axiom 729 - Family Neglect? Children Raise Your Voices!

To the very same degree that a parent is unable or unwilling to recognize and take an active interest in who and what their child is that parent is not There for that child.

And to the degree that a parent is not There (whether or not they are physically present or handing out money or gifts) for a child that parent is unable to recognize and take an avid interest in who and what their child is.

It can be helpful to spell this out for oneself.

Because when a parent is not there (or there and not there for a child), then the child will often both fear and despise the parent for effectively fearing and despising the child. The child will be glad the parent is gone, and the child will both long for and fear the parent's presence.

This, as you can easily see, is not suitable for a growing mind.

And it effects just about every single mind on Earth.

Do the math, genius.

It can be helpful, however unpopular or sad it may commonly be taken to seem, to actually say when and how it is true and honest to yourself and for your own sake (and that of all the world) to say that within any specific span of one's life there were no family or kith present who were able and willing to make an adequate provision for our reasonable self-evident and stated needs, feelings, words and fears, our voice as a human being.

This were a kind of spell I would like to offer to anyone for free. It is scary and very serious. But if it is true, then it is just as serious not to say it to yourself and to anyone who cares to listen and listens to care.

All it demands is the power and intelligence of your honesty.

With it, you will begin to hear those whom you could not hear, to see those whom you could not see and to have understanding for those whom you had no understanding or empathy for (or knowledge of), some or many of whom live in the stark shaft of life between life and death every day of their lives - harried and cast off monks and saints of the archaic heritage we lose at a cost we subsequently lose all ability to either calculate or notice.

How does your life talk to you?

Life, your life will talk to you the way you talk to life, with all of the meaning you imbue it with or assume it to have (you can change that, by the way; some people even consider that a worthy vocation).

And what to you have to say to your life? To yourself? 

Some people may have more talent than me at one thing or another, one better understanding than I may ever possess.

And yet life is creative. And we can be, are and can be more creative in every area of our lives and minds, bodies and souls.

One might even say that it is essential and pleasurable to the precise degree that we are....

Being honest about the stories (or psycho mythology) of our lives gives us more space to enjoy being ourselves and find out more about ourselves and the wonderful world that we live in (and often suffer from, largely if not wholly by our own doing).

Sure. You can make up a "wonderful" story, or you can make a "wonderful if you accept this insurance policy" story.

Or you can tell us the real story.

It's up to you.  

What you have endured and your psychology is very much related to everyone's psychology, to the psychology of the world.

And we shall there find it. 

If you are or were a child, and you were were not properly cared for to your complete satisfaction, then you have an utterly valid grief with the world. 

Make them hear it! 

Sound your sacred voice!

It shall not be stopped.

And they who even attempt to stop our breath will have their greatest even divine illusions and delusions vanquished by the Mighty Ones. 

Eric Dubay Flat Earth Zealots Still? - A Living School

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1 Yr. Of Flat Earth (and Eric Dubay) In Review

O Cruadlaoic
Oops! I have stumbled across the idiot's section of the internet. 335 subscribers. Pathetic. I'm out     

Rayn Gryphon
I agree. For a man with an average of 5 views per video to get this much positive and negative attention is really quite astounding. I wish I could say that I did not know what could have possibly aroused such ire in you. But, alas, that is not the case.

Cults are very difficult things to be inveigled in and with. Zealots usually come from deplorable family experience.

There is nothing so truly sad as someone who has lost their heart, to say nothing of their way.

You have my best wishes.

If you like, I do offer free services for people wishing to leave cults like the flat earth. I have already had some success in this regard with people even more confused and angry than yourself.

Good day and thank you for your courage to speak out, however confused you may be.

O Cruadlaoic
+Rayn Gryphon Ha ha. I am not a flat earther. I despise the idea of flat earth. I just wanted to bait you to read your defensive response. I'm a troll. Isn't the internet fun.

Rayn Gryphon
+O Cruadlaoic
I believe you. I do. And I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Good day.

O Cruadlaoic
+Rayn Gryphon Anyway, why bother with this flat earth cult. It's just another fad and will fade away. Personally, I could not be bothered expending energy on those who wish to get tangled up in egoistic "members only" clubs like the flat earth society. Anyway, big day ahead for me. Got to get to Ga Ha Noi. Some friends are arriving back from Sapa today. So excited. Have a nice day.

Rayn Gryphon
+O Cruadlaoic
Agreed. You too. 


Monday, 22 August 2016

Castles - A Living School

Children watch sand castles 
disappear, becoming 
invisible for another year.

A Xian Wet Dream

The Globalist Agenda Explained
Rocking Mr. E

Rayn Gryphon
you have things a wee bit backward. Society will not decline from respecting the healthy necessity for consensual sexual expression (a very natural part of a healthy life and society), it has already declined into a xian wet dream. 
We can only go up from here
Hail Lucifer. Hail our divine ancestors. 


Philosophies of Home - A Living School

Comments from

Vegan Minimalist Sterilized Nomad
Jade Joddle

Rayn Gryphon
Jade, I do no think you need to have a household full of possessions in order to have roots.

I have met my share of nomads. I cannot relate to that lifestyle. I suppose I am a kind of nomad in that my home does tend to change (as someone who rents) about once or twice very 3 or 4 years. I do not own more than a car trunk full of things entire.

My friends and neighbours are building a tiny house:

Jake and Kiva

As to size of a house, size trades well with making any space your own, combined with which the value of any of my homes is directly proportional to where that home happens to sit (I live in natural settings).

As to anti-natalism. That serves well as a reflection of the full extent of the spread of anti-human political and social (and environmental) and religious rhetoric.

If you have a good reason or a real reason to have a child (a baby panda) or not to have a baby panda, that will invariably serve the whole world.

Doing our part to make sure that every child has competent parents is a good thing.

My postulate would be that western and particularly white people have been encouraged not to have and coerced into not having children and occupying as little space as possible as "burdens on society."

Someone will one day have to explain to me how thinking you are scum helps the environment full of all kinds of species, including human beings, people who actually contribute a huge amount to the whole living system of the world.

In conclusion, most of these ideas, whatever their rational merit, are religious in nature and so suffer from all of the neurotic elements that come with that animal.

So, Jade.

I agree with you completely.

p.s. large (1000+) studies show that vegetarians and vegans have no better prospect for life span or health quality than meat eaters. Fact.

You cannot live (for the most part) on a vegan diet. Medical fact.

Veganism can be good (or raw fooding, vegetarianism) if you are really sick, especially since it will generally deprive cancer cells of some of the food that they need.

I hate how much it costs to rent property. Even 1 bed flats are expensive.

I'd rather not live in a tiny box but I can't afford anything bigger.

Jade Joddle
Maybe people living in tiny houses are only lying to themselves to make themselves believe it is what they want.‬‎ 

(arab name)
I think that you should do your best to be happy, it does not all about money or to save it. Just be happy with your life.

Rayn Gryphon
I disagree, Jade. I do not think it is the size that matters. Rather, particular living environments (such as in a densely populated city) can lose their charm with a reduction in square footage. If utility is your goal, they can gain in charm for the same reason.

A home has many dimensions, none of which are necessarily reliable indicators of the value, worth or satisfaction of a given home to any given person.

Environment, relationship, your personal investment (creatively and financially) in the home, access to amenable water, food, air, quiet, nature..... lifestyle.

As with health, so with a satisfying home.

A home is psychological. It should be a temple dedicated to your life, you its architect, its poet, its visionary and its erstwhile master and student.

For all these reasons and more I would caution people against buying your home from a bank (mortgaging your home).

This is why some people opt for a tiny house (a house they often build themselves). My friends have done it for around 25000 Canadian dollars and have used it as a platform to make an income by selling their experience and expertise. Plus they built it together as a couple. Makes for a nice home. It is on wheels, so they can take their home wherever they go, as well (not that they have plans to do so anytime soon - they are on 25 acres of horse country).

Thinkingdeep 123
+Jade Joddle I guess I'll find a mansion to squat...

Rayn Gryphon
+Thinkingdeep 123
Sure. It's called life. Life is the mansion. And you  inherited it by birth. Rich and the really rich (people you never see or hear about) is just a religion whose theater you are a "poor player" in...

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

Macbeth, Act V, scene 5

Real richness has nothing to do with money. Money is the currency of a religion of death and so of all religions and economics and philosophies on earth today.

You are a pilgrim at the frontier of personal responsibility for the unborn children who are talking to us.

Listen or not. The choice, as always, is yours, no matter what anyone says.

Axiom 728 - Parts Of The Stars

Thinkingdeep 123
+Rayn Gryphon That's some nice quoting. That seems the way of the world now, people speaking other peoples words.

Rayn Gryphon
+Thinkingdeep 123
And you, sir, have lost your heart for it. [many people online have lost their mind]

There is nothing so truly sad.

And you have my good wishes.

Make your choice.


John M954
Jade -  Thank you for your story. I always find people's interpretation of the Minimalism concept refreshing to hear. For some its a lifeline back from excess and others its how close can they get to zero. Either way it's a gallant effort and worth a listen.

May I suggest another well spoken post with a definite point of view...
Minimalism: I was a hoarder but now I realize the benefits of living with less.

Jade Joddle
That's just one extreme from another; what about the middle way?

Rayn Gryphon
Jade, I have lived with no furniture but a bed. Don't knock it til you've tried it. There is very little as extreme as most forms of human accommodation today (in terms of psychology and what people have to work for and take into their mind and body in order to keep such lavish lifestyles afloat upon a river of human blood - literally).

That is what the banks and churches are for (as well as most all schools of thought in every academy on earth - Roman psycho-poetic human abattoirs). 

Xmas the birth of a child sacrifice trotted out to be killed every year at springtime, the intimation being that if a child is pure enough and good enough and true enough, up they go as well to pay for the all the other ingrates who are unable to scribble their names in the epistemological book of life.

If the religions were our best friends, we would have to be honest with them for the world's sake and say that they are mentally, emotional, sexually, physically and spiritually twisted.

Just by observing this we can gain the courage to cast a lot in the gothic thunder that illuminates all religious and psychological philosophy as but mannequins of our most conflicted sense of self in a menagerie-theater of grossly unnecessary self-hatred.

See Axiom 728 - Parts Of The Stars

John M954
So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16 ... I remember growing up having this crammed down my throat. Still if one has the discipline and judgement to maintain it ... moderation is societies best viable option. Now if we could only get by the fact it makes for boring reading.

Jade Joddle
If you are talking about a hoarder who goes to minimalist to me that's the opposite extreme of a mental illness in relation to possessions. Either way the person is still obsessed with stuff.

Rayn Gryphon
+Jade Joddle
By an agreed upon code never spoken, or needed to be, Ty and Neil, like every other hand aboard ship, knew that they were there to find happiness. This silent fact was rather emphasized in that most everyone, despite the loudest ribaldry, would eventually retreat into a silent stupor not unlike the self-imposed reflections of a monk or a street person, happy with what they had given up and sad about what they really wanted, though contentment no more lay in dispossession than in the vast array of glittering gold sold in every store down every street.

London bells were ringing right now that fled the city along every pair of ears, every beating heart longing to hear that sound from the distant countryside, having given up the language of past, of happiness, for the advertisements that constantly repeated, “this is a darn sight better than our backward ancestors. Just think what they did without.”

You look a little long in the tooth to still be sleeping on a bed on the floor.

Rayn Gryphon
I don't work for criminals. Gives me a certain peace of mind. How about you?

This just seems like variations and degrees of suicide. After watching this, I'm tempted to make prime rib for dinner and get knocked up in my big ass house!

Good girl! ;)

Edit: I'll be right over! ;D

Rayn Gryphon
And who owns your "big ass" house? 

What's it to you? Did someone ask you to pay my mortgage? (For the record, my husband and I own our house, along with the good folks at Citibank for another 12 years.)

Rayn Gryphon
You will never own your house if you have gone into business with any bank on earth.

But, as with any religion, you will no doubt receive every kind of sensation as though you own it - but at what cost?

If you have not asked yourself that question, then please do so.

If you do not want to or are afraid to, don't take it out on me. I did not force you to pay years of your labor to the very priests who kneel at the altar of our children's blood (and their children and that of their ancestors).

That is what the banks and churches are for (as well as most all schools of thought in every academy on earth - Roman psycho-poetic human abattoirs).

I would be happy to discuss this with you, but first you will have to lose the attitude, katy.

I could live in a tiny house in summer but when outside gets too cold I want big space. I do not want any children.

attal abdenour

1. I can do things outside in the summer but too cold to do them in the winter. 2. I think children are too much work in every way.

Rayn Gryphon
Where do you live, Antarctica? For God's sake, your're human. Heat and Cold are part of a wide spectrum of celestial and terrestrial (electrical) currents coursing through every organ of human sex and thought from conception to death. Please try to get outside all year round. 

+Rayn Gryphon
I live in western Finland.

Rayn Gryphon
All the better!