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Axiom 924 - Happiness and Creative Intelligence

Conclusion of 

Axiom 923 - The Voice of Man

Is There Hope for the World?

Leaving aside the relatively effortless joys and pleasures of childhood, what we like to call our happiness requires that we make decisions that constitute great departures from anything that we have become accustomed to demanding of ourselves, particularly with respect to other people or social structures or both.

If the "course of true love never did run smooth," nor does the nature, trials and tribulations of human growth and certainly not under the rather apoplectic aegis of what has constituted most societies for arguably tens of thousands of years of what we have concluded is a rather less fortuitous exchange of credulity and safety, nature and reason than we might often be left with any occasion to question, except perhaps when we join in to the global chorus of "What the fuck are we thinking?" 

Spring is here after a long hard winter for many. And this Easter literally billions of presumably sane human beings will get a Christmas booster vaccination of religion by taking the beatific birth of the Christ child and publicly humiliating, torturing and murdering Him, the better to wash their troubled minds in the boundless springs of the "Blood of the Lamb."

And this is, may I remind you, no piddling religious cult.

It has sustained itself for over two thousand years. This likely why so many hundreds of millions of religious people have so much faith in it. It is hard to point to any other story quite that old, much less one that can right your relationship with an Heavenly Father where one would do as well to punch a nine inch rusty nail through the head than make the attempt to right one's relationship with a father or mother who would presume to make your life eternally guaranteed in the celestial real estate market in the sky by deferring to a God the Father whose love is as apt to offer one the balm of heavenly consolation as justify the wanton genocide of hundreds of millions of innocent people, instrumental in every wave of which heavenly slaughter were the kinds of minds who would see it as nothing that whole armies of so-called medical doctors have not a care about the primary source of whole human health and wealth - whole human food.

For such people the holy wafer at communion offers far more.

And so we must if reluctantly approach this altar and ask before the assembled masses the question on everybody's mind: Why?

Well, for starters, if you are a Catholic, some public executions are not so bad. They can even be divinely creative and moral when they involved the purest possible child. Since that is not you, you have to suffer. And if that were you, you would have to suffer.

So either way you have to suffer.

With logic like that I am surprised we are not all wearing kilts and sacrificing our first born to a raging orgy of incendiary stupidity every fortnight.

But religion had and has a higher purpose than even this:

Money. And, more specifically, debt.

Here is how it works.

1) You are hurt

2) Life is full of hurt

3) Life is full of hurt because you did something wrong

4) Religion is how you fix the wrong thing but not fixing anything but to whom you give all the responsibility for fixing it - which is not, as you may have guessed, you.

Even Christians hate church.

But they love the faith. Some even flatter themselves that they can make an adequate distinction between the structure of the church and the spirit of their faith. How commendable.

One Christian (an artist) went out of her way to let me know that her art is to glorified the Father and not what she called "His creation."

This is another artifact of many religions - nature is not a suitable form of their God or Gods, who is or who are transcendent to nature and indeed to all human concepts.

One might wonder as to how this God has any relevance to anyone at all and the answer is simple - faith.

It is an easy patter, really. And even as I write it and I see how easy it would be fall into it on quite a perpetual basis.

Thus we can revise the bullet points on the bones of religion:

1) Religion hurts you, especially children, penetrating so deep as to evacuate like a mushroom cloud just how this has happened into the very stratosphere of the hell into which you must descend if you commit apostasy, a euphemism for retaining like a trampled rose bush any surviving desire to grow your whole mind back.

2) Religion is quite painless after the initial insult of so debt-ravaged a Catholic cybernetic-industrial society - a society riven with arbitrary debt loads foisted upon every surviving form of human language and even cellular communication.

A credit card loan is what is known as an unsecured loan where only the credit car holder signs anything (so there is no legitimate contract) and the money borrowed is literally created out of thin air by a computer. Not only does the card holder pay the debt with labour whose remuneration (money) is also fiat debt loaned to the labourer at interest, while the signature with which this whole bizarre business is christened is worth more, arguably, than all the money in the world. The bill that card holders get is not a bill, in fact. It is a receipt for the money held in trust by the signature that of a collateral supplied by the body and mind of the signor, a body and mind that is secured where this "loan" is not by the birth certificate and one's name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

It is same in international law. Treaties that are not in all capitals can be dissolved and TREATIES in all capitals cannot be. Recently England entered into the European Union by a TREATY that a national referendum called BREXIT (as in, Britian to exist the EU) was supposed to dissolve in order to protect their fair nation from being pilfered by a monstrous financial bureaucracy in Brussels. Except that just such a TREATY cannot be dissolved unless England is dissolved, which it now must be, unbeknownst to the British public, all of whom are convinced that freedom has once again prevailed.

This is the essence of the Hegelian dialectic: offering people two doors that go to the exact same destination while preserving their ineffable sense of having some stake in that destination, even though they themselves cannot possibly believe that they do without vouchsafing an illusion utterly at odds with every single experience they have ever actually sustained since birth, further necessitating a virtual psychology or psychosis (like Christianity) with which to prop up their surviving sense of normal or natural human liberty, a psychosis symbiotic with every torture of culture and industry to which they are to be subjected.

Everything is owned by the people who hold the debt (and the debtor, in this case) in a society riven with nothing else, a people whose every native agency and human capital is extracted (by their own industry, innovation, rebellion, education, medicine, temple and credulity) with an efficiency rivaled by no other machine (or God).

A credit card "contract" says, when deciphered by this secret decoder ring of magic, "Here are some of the debt credits - every one of which everyone will forever pay for with more and more of their own labour - with which all people are bound. Now give us even more of yourself because we own you anyway and repeat after me, 'I am free but really I am not free.'"

Watch George Carlin Expose The Illuminati (Illuminati Exposed) (2017)

Our doctors have little to no interest in the fact that your food is your medicine or that if you eat the wrong food, no amount of medicine is going to help you do anything but be a better cash cow for the owners of the medical and industrial establishment.

A doctor not connecting food to life is like a psychiatrist who has absolutely no room in their spacious education for the idea about the existence much less importance of a mother and father.

Which is entirely true.

But we still have to contend with the fact that just about every human being on earth ascribes nearly if not entirely God-like authority to the priests of their health, wealth, body, food and soul.

That has not changed in countless ages, and it is not going to.

Nobody ever comes out and tells us as children that anything that can be done to body and soul is done to body and soul, producing millions and millions of ostensibly civil and spiritual people with a taste for little else.

How can one be reasonably happy in such a world when the very canvas (the mind and every corresponding organ and impulse of sex, mind and cosmos) upon which we make our knowledge and story of the world and our family, when the very canvas upon which we resolve ourselves to our origins, to our utter dependence upon our mother and father (and the world to a great extent, one effectively wholly natural to a child and so to every virtual psycho-biology used to endure every corruption of this most primeval of trusts in blood and bone, one projected across every phase of our lives and every generation of our descendants) and to the either meaningless or purposeful vagaries of physical, emotional, sexual, mental and celestial human (and family) existence is polluted or poisoned with the veritably God-like influence of the coordinated and even uncoordinated vicissitudes of what amounts to an wholly psychopathic cybernetic corruption of the native human mind and its every heritage in and voice of truly living creative intelligence? 

Krishna, Allah, Christ and Baal
Muhammad, Vishnu, Gore Vidal
Wash that religion right out of your hair!
The death of God your only prayer.

~ Robbie Van

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Is There Hope for the World?

Continued from

Axiom 923 - The Voice of Man 

Listen carefully and suspend your stalwart defense of Man for one moment when I say that there is no hope for this world.

Most of its whole population doesn't even believe that nature is something under the power of what they themselves would call their God's better angels and the rest don't care.

Both sets of people are equally to blame for the state of the world.

For tracing the career of the full range and scale of the genesis and effect of religious belief (most of which is not even considered religious by most ostensibly well educated or religious people) is non-existent.

It does not exist.

And it cannot exist.

For to accomplish even this small feat would require that one rid oneself of its effects. And that is, frankly, impossible for anyone who has any understanding (or wishes to claim to have any understanding) of the world or the human mind.

Most people could barely convince their own mothers, fathers or children to rely on vegetables for their medicine. And yet these same people are routinely flattered by the notion that they or any number of them can save the world from itself.

How fucked up is That?

Feet shuffle. Eyes are diverted up or down. We are left with nothing, really, to do. We are transported to or freed from all illusions that have in the past blinded us to our exact location at the very ontological fulcrum of our time and any time - to enjoy oneself or not to enjoy oneself.

For there are as many people saving the world as condemning it forever. And, what is more, these are largely the same people.

And these people will for many obvious and many not so obvious reasons more than likely seek to be or find themselves one way or the other in positions of astronomical and one might even say divine influence over the minds of extremely vulnerable people who will be invariably trained to have a biological need for this very kind of relationship to the very degree that even a very friendly vampire must from time to time feed upon human blood or the way an even very domesticated shark must eventually dine upon human flesh.

Man is a vicious animal.

Man is the most kind animal.

Man is the most stupid and the most intelligent.

In short, Man is completely out of his own mind. Two minds, actually, one the love child of the other that of the "most loving god" and the kind of guy for whom slaughtering an entire civilization of unarmed men, women and children is all that love really is to any truly contrite human being, a being who would, believe it or I shit you not, be far more inclined to beg forgiveness for being born than for going to war with their own young.

Now multiply this appetite by 7.5 billion people.

The product is what we call "The World."

And you are telling me that you know not only what to do about that but that you are actually performing actions and making choices which to your eye show evidence of doing something about this problem so big it might as well be the most substantial and divine God the world has ever truly known and felt from their head down to their toes for who knows tens of thousands of years, across every continent and in every culture? 

Okay. Well. You might be happy to know that that is quite normal. That is a completely normal response to such a world, a world that, nonetheless, would do anything not to speak the name of its God for fear of losing His full and unstinting support in dealing with the illness that is us.

I didn't say it.

You did.

Your parents should have dealt with this before you reached the age of majority, but they could not. Your parents' parents should have dealt with this before they reached their age of majority, but they could not and they did not.

And so on for however many generations one wishes to count.

For you sort of have to give it to any group of creatures who can be such efficient Olympians at curbing their appetite for anything approaching a healthy and vigorous enjoyment of their life and blood (one as exponentially powerful by numbers of people as the glorified evil to which they have so long resorted), so efficient that their most sensational and paranoid pastime is not to marinate in the hell which they have already created for themselves (a hell and its as tortured language that is not so bad because it is utterly separate from heaven but precisely because of how made of heaven and precisely because of how close to heaven it really is and, truly, must be in order to keep hell alive) but to terrorize one another with eschatological visions of this or that apocalypse to come as though it has not already made all of them its bitches. 

For we do not wage war with princes and principalities but with one another, for this is made rational because of just how much we have to fear from one another and so just how much we avoid naming this fear aloud for fear that we shall say the name of our God. 

Show me a Man or a Woman who does not fear Mankind and I will show you a Man or a Woman whom you would do well to fear but won't precisely because of what this might reveal about oneself.

Please share with me, thus, my incredible enjoyment (if that is our purpose in life) at the incredible and need we even say celestial irony that in writing in a so disparaging a manner about humanity (being anti-Man) I would be roundly convicted of doing something apart from and not precisely in keeping with the letter and spirit of the universal norm of every language on Earth and every pageant of human genesis and destiny, include as it must every organ of blood, brain, land, sea and sky that lay at our disposal or in our every arsenal of deadly weapons.

Concluded with Axiom 924 - Happiness and Creative Intelligence

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Axiom 923 - The Voice of Man

The voice of Man is constituted by, if nothing else, nature.

“In the first place, since the elements of which we see the world composed - solid earth and moisture, the light breaths of air and torrid fire - all consist of bodies that are neither birthless nor deathless, we must believe the same of the Earth as a whole, and of its populations... And whatever earth contributes to feed the growth of others is restored to it. It is an observed fact that the Universal Mother is also the common grave. Earth, therefore, is whittled away and renewed with fresh increment.”

Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, 55 BC

Sitting propped up against a log on a stretch of coastline I am filled with the sounds and elements of what I am slowly glad and somewhat daunted to realize is or is what we call the Voice of Man.

Yes. This is merely my voice. But it is also the Voice of Man.

The voice of Man is constituted by, if nothing else, nature.

And so nature, too, is the voice of Man, Man's voice.

So the question becomes, "What is nature?"

And that is an entirely stimulating question and one not nearly the same as the question, "What am I?" or "What is Man?"

For Man does not easily or, one might even say "naturally" trace his figure and substance in that of the world around him.

Rather, he flails about to find that voice whose utterance must return and so return him to his original state, one so evidently transformed and one may even say tortured on behalf of the civilized laws under which he lives as what is only then said to be his "freedom."

Such a Man or such a Voice has no choice but to be at war with the entire world that would forge ahead rather more in spite of his nature than because of it, anxious as such a world is to both relieve him of and restore him to the first or best condition, one as fitful a state as to require, interestingly enough, an ever more dizzying array of laws that make very ambitious claims upon the wealth and nature of human kind.

This is not a complicated matter. But it is an astronomical one.

And who, pray tell, are we to give some if even little voice to it?

One will not receive such a emphatic or indeed verbal welcome to a land of as yet unknown possibilities.

While there are many lands that have been discovered or, in parlance, stolen from its native inhabitants (most of whom never considered it "theirs" to begin with), there is, these words or this voice would seem to suggest, lands as new as we may like in which to plant the flags of our native or born liberty, so that is where we shall begin, at birth:

The Rosetta stone of human birth were early childhood, a time when memory is not yet forced to resort to conjuring up by sheer force of will and even logic (or whatever would wield that force of thought for right or wrong) something of the original conditions, premonitions of and words we may safety assume were spoken by the biology of our conception and deliverance, one so soundly rehearsed by our subsequent assimilation of and by the various cults which must prey upon in order to save us from and for our born liberty to articulate our blood by every limb and limbic system of that vascular fold of mind and matter (the brain of Man and nature) set - or so it should be - chief among the constellations of our sojourn through this and any world, the seat of the soul in the reason that is the very marrow of our voice and indeed any surviving claim to that throne and that crown bound up in human story and orthodox as well as mortar in our churches or blood in our veins. 

The tandem team of memories present and past compete for our affection. Memories were all dead, if you really thought about. They were ghosts that walked the earth by the ineffable light of one's own unrequited longings, things that might have been called romantic by some, I suppose, but which really constituted an entire faculty of perception and experience that bled like every fountain of the ingress of time into and beyond every bound of senses five, invigorating, sobering, inspiring, sorrowful, drawing out vision and sadness in equal measure and these of the predawn hour of some genesis only yet in its infancy, waiting like a fair maiden to be ravaged by the rooster and the crow, the hungry jowls of sleepless mouths at night opening and closing upon the faint premonition or portent of the very substance of life, a vanilla scented skin that parted for every deep thrust of malice, kindness and, ultimately, preternatural communion that one could summon (and must) though a payer from the Stygian volcanic lair of Satan himself.

Anyone who ever though that ignorance was bliss must have known something of what it was like to be a child. But a child's happiness is as likely the result of a lack of knowledge as an abundance of a currency or electricity of life (if knowledge has anything to do with life of any order and story of man and nature), of knowledge indeed that superseded every subsequent genre of that name, the loss of which dare we say living knowledge were as proportional to the suffering of Man as his sophistication and safety from, among many other things, his own nature, the infamy of whom seemed to bleed from every warp, woof and weft of the very cybernetic society to which he gave his native industry and blood heritage in order to be accepted by its towering walls and its menacing guards, to tithe indeed the fruits of his own loins to systems of tribute whose designs upon human sacrifice of orders as astronomical as cosmology were veritably demonic.

To this we may as well ascribe the relative purity of the child's mind as her body and her body as her voice, the Voice of Man.

Sounds even now escape my lips, my blood, my body, my lung that consume like some infernal lake of fire the gilt and gaggle of thousands of years of human animals reduced to parasites and parasitical transformations of our native or mother tongue exalted by every subsequent exhortation of the fevered brain of Man.

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies.
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain,
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp,
Dare its deadly terrors clasp!

When the stars threw down their spears
And water'd heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night:
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

The Tyger, by William Blake

Ask yourself, "Is this the Voice of Man?"

Or is the last line a rhetorical question by someone quite well acquainted with the aping of the human voice?

Metaphysics of this nature constituted the flow of human knowledge and culture as well as the human voice would the liberty with which and, strangely, to which Man would aspire, or so he thinks, with the aid of those tools or those people who held his social and indeed celestial acceptance as payment in lieu of any other value but that which can and must be extracted by every church of a universe whose every food and truth had been as though perverted for his and her sake by the very social instruments (instruments of far more discernible God-like influence over humanity than that of an other inspired text or revelation) that would both bless as extract the products of every congress of Man and Woman, mother, father and child in perpetuity.

Our laws took their genesis in nothing else.

"Far as I can tell, Eldred, only people who take little to no exception to institutionalized pedophilia take exception to speaking about it.

"What you are doing for me (and I can see that you wish to be of genuine service to humanity and your pedophile God) is providing a public demonstration of the morbid dangers of cult psychology, which is a narcotic alchemy of wanting to help people and needing to arbitrate for facts, fate, origins, voice, story and way of life, leading to a unpredictable and unprovoked diminished capacity for consistent levels of comprehension, empathy and distinctions between fiction, opinion and fact, between what is not necessarily true and what is not necessarily false, neither of which make the other either necessarily false or necessarily true respectively.

"Just such an environment (your childhood) hurts and helps the mind by impressing just such a biologically necessary (as breathing) imperative propensity upon the vascular pathology of the brain (a rash, if you will), a propensity that creates a taste for mixing help with authoritarian and even metaphysical control, both of which are mutually exclusive to one another and so to any truly human liberty worthy of the name, a concept that is subsequently wholly lost upon the brain of a cult victim predator, as is the ability to calculate or even care about the costs actually involved in what amounts to a fairly generic pathology integral to a Cybernetic-industrial "Roman Catholic" society and so to every insult to human sex or intelligence that stems from it."

- Walking with Tortured God Psychology

People want to help people.

But every system to which they are forced to resort for their agency (as Man or some corrupted vision of Man's very voice and genesis by and across every prospect of whole human ethical, sexual, mental, emotional and celestial development, growth, transformation, coordination and continuity) demands as much as the force of gravity (a gravity with none of the levity it confers upon its very bones and notes of heaven and earth) an as though scientific or religion insinuation into the better to gain the god-like animation of the person and family of the Voice of Man. The more people enjoy the degrees of power meted out to them by currencies that live upon the legislated morbidity of mind and body (by birth) that Man is thus forced to animate with the dizzying array of corporate fictions in which he is bathed though a new amniotic fluid to replace that inimitable substance and wonder, mother and father, son and daughter all but struck (physically and figuratively) from the pages of man and nature, the more their ability to help other human beings (by reason of capital or charity or both) is dwarfed beyond all notice or ability to calculate the cost by inhuman needs on the order of breathing (a breathing as symbiotic with air as with all corporate fictions and wars on Earth) to arbitrate where one has lost all ability to comprehend or make adequate provision for the actual effects upon the voice and body of our children and indeed their every surviving will or capacity to enjoy nature's every attempt at restoring a brain trained to think its every subsequent scream of anguish were utterly inimical to instead of integral to any kind of growth worthy of the name.

The result is that every custom of those most devout about making the world a better place must help raze every prospect of actual human liberty to the ground, the better to erect - in mind and body - some more suitable society for a nature demonized in place of that of the indeed astronomical corruptions insinuated into even these earliest memories, dreams and feelings of a young child, to say nothing of the womb from whom little girls and boys take their every birth across the wheeling seasons of some eternal spring utterly antithetical to every commensurate system of religion, economics, vision, hearing, breeding and reasoning on Earth for arguably thousands of years. 

That by society's every reasonable bound upon natural human liberty higher orders of equitable consolation for intentional and unintentional harm may be reconciled with if only a simulacrum of a natural and so human order - failing which, nature's inimitably wild predilections are to be greatly feared more than the failings of the sine qua non superior social order.

And yet it must be owned that so many contrived bounds to natural and even wild human liberty have had dire repercussions upon the human species, so much so that it would be a difficult task to conclude which best served the liberty of Man, his nature or his society.

Add to this the fact that any living conditions social or wild will be treated as though wholly natural by the general population, that "natural" is the unvarying adjective for any and all conflations of man-made and purely natural order.

As far as society is concerned, everything is natural.

And so every parameter for a good society must make claims about what is more natural or a better form of the natural.

Therefore, nothing is unnatural in society, unless the pejorative serves to augment an arbitrary social bound upon natural human liberty.

Who is the more natural, a child or a socialized adult?

Society says that the adult is.

But nature and logic say that this is not necessarily so.

Therefore, we need not claim that society is in any way unnatural but only that it is not necessarily better than not.

This may seem a lot of effort to reach a self-evident conclusion.

But it serves us in this way: that the voice of Man can and likely will defy society's bounds but never that of nature as a whole.

And if that voice should speak a word of a lie, this is as nothing compared to the voice that would presume to raise itself above the value of any other voice.

People are generally quite grateful for the "voice" of civilization a kind of Old Testament Hebrew and Zoroastrian God that intervenes on their behalf in the affairs of their fellow Man, absolving each of us of the otherwise damning collusion in the squelching of a large portion of our faculties of voice and reason, creativity and industry.

But that much is apparent.

What is not so apparent is that many if not all of plagues that have somehow driven the bellows and foundries of mass human industry (and it is considerable) were avoidable and resulted from two prongs of attack - taking away our access to our natural medicine on pain of mass torture and driving everyone off of their land into septic little towns and cities where subsequent human mental, emotional, social and biological sickness could be astronomically magnified and so necessitate, as you may well imagine, even more prepossessing insinuations into whatever used to constitute human liberty with considerable innovation to be sure but innovation married as taxation to labour with an as significant sacrifice of the voice of human heritage that was bent into the shape of its container. Man has always lived well when allowed to do so.

Today we have hundreds of millions of people bound to working inordinate numbers of hours for mentally sick employers, the employees themselves quite as symbiotic in their sickness, all of which can be nicely displaced onto the ascending ranks of authority who disappear into the very stratosphere of human fantasy and impotent rage.

Axiom 922 - Ultimate Political Obfuscation

We have become chemically and even celestially dependent upon a society that (for good and ill) is as religiously as scientifically (two pillars of the Masonic and Jesuit orders of the Knights of Malta) kept poised upon a brink of bloody if profitable near collapse veritably at war with every natural instinct with which a child is born and to which we force our most vulnerable citizenry to conform under only the most Herculean duress, duress that could not possibly fail to stymie the courage and whole brain development of the most battle-hardened combat soldier, let alone that of a wee child.

An abattoir would be too good a term for society today.

And if the Voice of Man is to do anything but serenade us to death with opiate-like charm we need to howl bloody murder and let our very bodies catch like sails the winds of truly human liberty taking us to lands that remain as yet uninhabited and from beyond whose congenial horizons our voices will nary escape but to sound the astronomical bellows of winter and spring, of the laughter of children and of the sounds of the sea and of the birdies, of the cock of the rooster and of the caw of the crow, of the dreams of no mean inheritance of a wealth within and beyond every measure, breath and sex of heaven and earth, of the story and force caught up like every vegetable deity with the thunder in the sky and the limpid silence of the dawn upon dawn in the unending gyre of a celestial turning of the pages of youth and age, from whose biological horizons should only escape, in short, the glory of the Voice of Man.

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Over by the picture
Of a river crossing
And two hatless figures
Destined for doom
Lay a fragment of gold
From a tree
Whose fruit
Hangs dead upon the bough
Waiting for the reign of Man

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Axiom 923 - The Voice of Man

Is There Hope for the World?


Walking with Tortured God Psychology (Acutronics) - A Living School

Rayn Gryphon
Look at all the uneducated Xian pedophiles on here. Like flies to shit. I need shower.

+Just Chillin Buddhist is older than Christianity

Just Chillin
Rayn Gryphon uneducated casual.

Just Chillin
colombus66 wrong Judaism is Christianity. Judaism is the beginning of Christianity. Christians also have and study the Torah as holy Scripture.

Rayn Gryphon
Just Chillin Choose your words carefully.

Everyone has a different faith. My country is 95% Catholic. Peterson's definition of God is actually very popular, especially among young people. I don't know anybody who believes in an old guy sitting on a cloud and thinks that evolution is fake. We all share the same holy book but we have discussions on our interpretations, because everyone has their own. Catholics believe that science and faith go together and faith without questions is nothing. Maybe american Christians are different, it surprised me that you've never heard of this.

Rayn Gryphon
The Catholic Church is a very elaborate way to get rock hard engorged penises into the anal tubes of infant children. Nothing more.

You are totally indoctrinated, probably from infancy.

Good luck with that.

Read a book.

dumblebee Yes, you're right. Nowadays, most wrong interpretations of Christianity come from some evangelical churches that still read the Bible as if it was a science and history book.

Just Chillin
Bleilock1 the Bible said God is all and in everything. God is a Spirit. Those authors are not original. just like Peterson says about the Harry Potter books. stealing from biblical truth and passing it off as their own.

Just Chillin
The Prophet Crow he [Jordan Peterson, a Xian academic] tries to explain what he knows. if he used Christian lingual to explain it you wouldn't understand anything.

Just Chillin
Rayn Gryphon that's like saying all athiest are like Stalin. get real.

Rayn Gryphon
I am "real." You get real. I repeat, the entire Catholic Church is an elaborate way to get the engorged penises of their "priests" up the anal tubes of infant children. And anyone who does not have the courage to deal with that is a pedophile in my book. In which case, you better hope you never run into me because I will beat you to a bloody pulp.

Now, if you would like to "get real" we can talk.

But I do not suffer fools gladly, especially when they presume to know a fucking thing about this world. My family has suffered way too much to humour little cunts like you.

Rayn Gryphon You really do appear to have some major issues. Your hate for the Catholic Church is livid. I don't know what happened to you and/or your family regarding sexual abuse, however, to claim that all Catholics (because Church means 'The People') are into pedophilia is outlandish. 

Is the BBC an elaborate scheme for pedophilia, simply because there was a sex scandal surrounding prominent figures, such as Jimmy Savile? Or perhaps the recent sex scandals regarding many football clubs in England? Was football invented for pedophiles too?

Grant Lewis
Rayn Gryphon reading through a few of your (rather vulgar) comments, you seem like you may very well have some intelligence... but your blind hatred and senseless ramblings destroy any valid points you could hope to make. I will pray you find some form of peace...

Rayn Gryphon
Jesus Christ is the ultimate Jewish suicide, killing Himself (His "only begotten son") and then nailing humanity with the bill.

Nobody here is stupid enough or deluded enough to think that anyone could say anything to penetrate your indoctrination.

The Roman Catholic Church is entirely founded to help penetrate the anal tubes of infant children. Clearly you are one of their success stories.

Rayn Gryphon
Sex was in the beginning with the Great Mother and the Spirit of God. In the beginning were they and their entangled union with one another, like sun and moon, earth and cloud, day and night, continuity and transformation of memory and story, life and being.

The last universal holy scripture were the seasons of the year. And they spoke every organ unto itself and each to all with a truth and beauty set among all the stars at night or in the twinkle of dew on a summer morning, or in the frost on a winter's eve.

And dark and grey was that organic story. And light and gay.

Brooding was that crucible of life, immaculate and triumphal as Spring.

All the gods uttered forth words of this nature - or tried to, battling it seemed every day with the night and every night with the day, the screams of a child to the vast unknown that loomed over them like all their future life, stark and unbidden as too much reality and not enough imagination, or fancy's prancing ponies run roughshod over a scriptural ecosystem as delicate as a river though a mountain valley and quite as indomitable as one can be when one walks not only across a human lifetime but across thousands of turnings of the wheel of the year a chariot of some considerable girth, purpose and gleam that could only be seen with the purest of minds, the most courageous of hearts or the hungriest of appetites for the lusty folds of song and knowledge in which were bound the memories of the world like the letters of a living dream and so one as easily fled from sight upon the light of common day.

So did the first Mother and the Spirit of God dwell in the darkness of their sex and in the sex of the darkness of one another, a darkness that would encroach upon every mind in its time and threaten to put you out or give you the longed for birth of a heart or of a star that could sound the very depths and reaches of the very body in whom it sat, everlasting impulse, never ending story, womb and tomb, body and soul, limbs clung together and flung apart, sports of stories and voices which rehearsed the lives of mortal Man just as Man gave voice to his Mother and Father divine (together in every limb unto every distance engulfed them, every league from whence they alternately chased, mourned and found one another in the pages of their lives and in the faces of their very minds and in the warmth of their most ineffable congress, in the heat of their most fleeting if unceasing love heaving unto the birth of all the stars in the sky and taken up by the song and knowledge of all the seasons of the world).

For all that is born together will continue forever together in one form or another. The very screams of hell were the sounds of that Body who would accommodate the growing passions of its blood and indeed every element of nature in whom it took its mother tongue, its rest and its nourishment, its respiration and elimination, its creation and will before all that lay within its commanding radiance, respiration and desires winds over tall grasses scattering like the laughter or the play of young children into the twinkle of a smile that passed across the face of eternity emerging, forming and dissolving like the clouds of an amniotic ether the face or faces of our Great Mother and the Spirit of God.

Time, mind, desire, pain, sorrow, crippling betrayal, disappointment, lovelessness (non ethically- or critically-discriminating love equals hate), hope and peace. These are the bones of the world. And their tears are the blood of the ages. And every river of every cloud and mountain runs with these tears or stands before the sounding organs of that love and that life from whence they spring, everlasting to everlasting, gasping, laughing, murmurs of sleepless mouths at night and the trembling hand of the poet's ink that like the entire expanse of night feels the curve of the Earth (of our birth together in the arms of all that is good and true, eyes gleaming like stars for the beating of those hearts with ours) and whets Her titanic bellows and His with the purest nectar of inspiration that communion so dearly to be wished even as one's very life and heart speeds beneath its almost merciless reign dawn to dusk and life to life anon, life leaving us and greeting us with a language so simple and so pure that it escapes the words of the the wisest astronomers, the doom of the most fell sword or the bristling loom of the most evil plot against the fortunes of humankind, twisting the very organs of the living Church in Whom all children are conceived and from Whom all children are born this world and the next a soul (which is a body) set among the stars and elements, the bellows and the organs of the limpid dreams and the shrieking great torrents of both the Heavens and the Earth.

For in those days people ate from the bounty of the kingdom of life and counted not their blessings in coins or in prayers offered like coins to the moon or to the sun or to an heavenly body even brighter and stronger than they, an heavenly body called The Church of Rome.

For the touch of our lips and that of these lands was a kiss that spread like an holy or even royal stain through time and space and unto the ends of all the world. Herein lay the union, the touch, the accelerating pulse of the bleeding of which we speak and of the bleeding with which we dissemble these words one letter and memory at a time the sports of our first mothers and fathers beneath the expanse of day or night, lay beneath the boughs of green trees or nestled before a blazing fire to keep out the damp and the cold that would race even from the hot breath that ran through the veins of our ancestors, a heathen people who did not lay anxious in their beds at night, nor shrank from the war of their being born with every bellow of the world that had passed into the grip of its own servility and weakness of mind, of will and desire.

Dark were the days when the passions of mortal men were fed like coal to the engines of their very doom that of a night that never ended and a day that never quite began but in the feverish visions of they whose wild spirits were caged so long, their poets singing no longer of brave battles but of strange new diseases that weakened our resolve and placed one man against another and even the peace of the world against the very bodies of our infant children, they whose nourishment spoke in ways like that of which they must only dream as they walked into the face of the kingdom of love and of blood and of the peace that comes to they who sound their very birth to all the corners of the Earth - and how.

Weak men and women had always sustained an injury that became a taste for the strength and for the will of our children. And when that taste looked over the world like a new kind of Sun and Moon, havoc must reign with those gods who are most voracious for the very Mind of the Earth and for the very blood of our words, their own words speaking with a cool charm and a luxurious warmth as they lay us down in a shallow pool of blood our own joining that swelling tide of death and decay in no great hurry to pass like a widening canal into the waiting coffers of Rome and one who looked over and from out of the pages of the Holy Bible and of all the holy books and laws of the world, hungry as a timber wolf, beautiful as a succubus and charming as the devil himself

Nobody said a word.

Men whose only sex was with little boys told legions how to lay with their wives and husbands. They loomed over the rites of marriage and sped away with the loins of those over whom they towered with the specter of eternal doom and perpetual social isolation pressed into the very folds of brains it said it would save from itself, folds of the truthful who are not truthful, of the godly who are not godly and of the wise who are not wise.

And it was in those days that people lost the voice of their desires, the courage of their birth and the beauty of their ancestors.

Their minds became scattered in disarray, and mother and father contended with son and daughter, each their Sun and Moon fallen from the sky of their mind, of their blood (of their Church) and locked in chains of molten iron that turned to glue in their veins, the better to numb their pain and stifle their screams of incoherent rage.

Here see how the Kingdom of Life (Man's Life) was tortured and transformed into that incoherent rage and austere narcotic impotence.

And we shall there find it.

Garet Claborn
I think he falls away from the Catholic interpretation.

Growing up in a church of christ, (not latterday saints lol) they and many other non-denominational churches take a very decentralized approach. There's a huge network of churches but no 'official' dogma to interpret by.

 There were a wide variety of views among members and ministers in my home congregation and all the regional congregations we would visit. A huge part of our church's culture is having conversation and debate on what the Bible means. Similar views to what Peterson presents come up pretty often.

A good example is the creation story and the flood story. There are a whole spectrum of christians that believe things from "God made the world in 144  hours and set things in motion to get the result we have." to ideas like "Moses was interpreting what was known about human history at the time through his faith" or "The untranslated text suggests the 7 days are on a metaphorical timescale and that 'whole earth' term used in the flood was more often used to refer to a wide region in Mesopotamia, which was flooded around that time"

All sorts of ideas, but at the end of the day it's just another debate for us. The nature of events in the Bible matters to everyone but the fellowship, shared values and lifestyle are what Christians are taught matter now.

It's also fairly important to note that the most controversial parts of the Bible in a historical or scientific sense all occur from a separate perspective, prior written history. Even after Moses much was passed down through oral tradition and lost or altered.

Most of us look at those early books as having some loose ends going into conversations with each other. It's when people are talking outside the religious world and get defensive they tend to conveniently forget that we don't know everything.

Rayn Gryphon As I have said previously, due to your hatred and persistence, one can only assume that you and/or your family have been effected by sexual abuse. You claimed on one of your other comments that your family have suffered greatly. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that you have actually been their 'success story', and now you take it out on others who follow the faith you were subject to and were victim of. 

Also, I'm interested how you have so much time on your hands to comment so much? Your good literacy skills indicate a high level of education, perhaps Catholic education? It's a well known fact that the Catholic Church has given out billions in compensation to victims of sexual abuse. You may be one of these compensated victims.

Rayn Gryphon
Edpred As I said, the Roman Catholic Church exists to, among other things, get the engorged penises of its men of the cloth into the anal tubes of I am sure very grateful infant children.

I am not saying this is a bad thing. Maybe it is good for them. For all we know you yourself are a success story.

If so, I would love to hear more about it.

Rayn Gryphon
Garet Claborn History is the stories we tell. There is no such thing as "prior to written history" you Eurocentric dill weed.

Moses did not exist. And nor did Jesus fuck head. So you can enjoy your faery stories.

Torturing human oral histories and then getting "good values" from torture is not my idea of a good time.

The Bible is really all about magic mushrooms and sex.

What you are worshiping is old graffiti used to obfuscate for orgies of body and soul, man and nature, orgies and stories tortured into Roman cults that spread with blood.

Take away genocide and Xianity (or Islam or Judaism) is a grease stain on the cultural super highway.

A religious psychopath is anyone who insists that a story be more than a story.

Garet Claborn
@Rayn Gryphon don't speak about subjects you know nothing about. yes there is such a thing as time prior to written history. have you never heard the word "prehistoric"?

did you think we were just always around to tell stories? writing was not a common enough practice for literature until around the time of ancient Sumer. oral tradition was the standard way many tribes passed information down.

ridiculous. not even going to expand the "Read more" since you've shown yourself aggressively ignorant already.

and yeah moses existed lol.. you should realize that he's not only a biblical figure. wow.  most of the old bible is a genealogy with lots of non-biblical historical references. when you over compensate for beliefs you don't agree with you just make your position look stupid.

Rayn: Indeed. Stupid you say? 

[He is not arguing with me. He is arguing with Biblical scholars who have long known that the exodus stories and the Bible entire are not a history of Judaism or Christianity (which actually mixed a lot with Zoroastrianism to get monotheism and food-related taboos) but artifacts of it's martial claims upon cultural engineering. Jesus was "written in" to as though natural history, what is called an interpolation. Moses and the exodus were created by the Jews in order to prop up their identity after exile from Babylon around 600 B.C.E. (Semitic people are not just "Jews" and are made up of a diverse range of regions, including the Moors and the Iranians. The Hebrews or Jews are a religious or cult designation that has been used, as per the religion, to constitute a unique racial "type"). All cults make up shit and call it "history." This so common as to be a convention of all religious psychology, else it would just be normal psychology, telling stories that preserve each listener's ability to think for themselves, natural stories, self-interested as they must be, that nonetheless suffer and enjoy the transformation of countless people when these stories are not arbitrated on pain of social exile or death.]

See 4:00 minute mark of

Does evidence undermine religion?

Rayn Gryphon
Garet Claborn Don't worry. The God of Moses loves you.

Garet Claborn

Rayn Gryphon
Garet Claborn Noël

Garet Claborn
the real meaning of disingenuous speech is apparent

Rayn Gryphon
Garet Claborn What would Charlton Heston do?

Rayn Gryphon This is great therapy for you. Just let it all out on others and you'll be fine. Obviously, you don't know the golden rule of treating others like yourself, but I'm sure you abandoned this philosophy after your incident. 

You need to stop taking this out on all the Catholic people because it brings to light the hatred that has gathered in your heart. If your not going to turn back to faith, at least talk to a respected phycologist about your problems.

Rayn Gryphon
Edpred Far as I can tell, Eldred, only people who take little to no exception to institutionalized pedophilia take exception to speaking about it.

What you are doing for me (and I can see that you wish to be of genuine service to humanity and your pedophile God) is providing a public demonstration of the morbid dangers of cult psychology, which is a narcotic alchemy of wanting to help people and needing to arbitrate for facts, fate, origins, voice, story and way of life, leading to a unpredictable and unprovoked diminished capacity for consistent levels of comprehension, empathy and distinctions between fiction, opinion and fact, between what is not necessarily true and what is not necessarily false.

Just such an environment (your childhood) hurts and helps the mind by impressing just such a biologically necessary (as breathing) imperative propensity upon the vascular pathology of the brain (a rash, if you will), a propensity that creates a taste for mixing help with authoritarian and even metaphysical control, both of which are mutually exclusive to one another and so to any truly human liberty worthy of the name, a concept that is subsequently wholly lost upon the brain of a cult victim predator, as is the ability to calculate or even care about the costs actually involved in what amounts to a fairly generic pathology integral to a Cybernetic-industrial "Roman Catholic" society and so to every insult to human sex or intelligence that stems from it.

- See Axiom 923 - The Voice of Man

That is, a pedophile like you has a truly hard time discriminating between how fucking an infant child helps and harms them.

So if that was your goal (as is the only coherent goal of any common spiritual psychopath), then by all means consider it mission accomplished.

And thanks.

Many people will be helped by studying your words.

This will be used in a very popular blog about the Catholic torture of children like yourself.

Good luck. And if you ever need someone to talk to, let me know.

You will find this and me at or any of my forty or more published works on the subject of cult psychology. 

What on earth are you blabbering about? 

I truly enjoy a good debate that involves good literacy skills and coherent use of words. However, your use of language, especially adjectives, is overkill to the highest extent. You deliberately use overly descriptive words so people can't understand you; have to look up words in a dictionary; or ignorantly assume you are highly intelligent. The latter couldn't be further from the truth. You come across as a narcissist and a pretentious psychopath, so I advise you once again to see a psychologist.

Rayn Gryphon
Edpred Good luck.

Sean Fisher
"I'm starting to think he's a masterful troll."

Rayn Gryphon
Hot damn! Give that boy the Rock Solid Penis (none of that flaccid Muhammad stuff) the Rock Solid Penis Jesus is Lord Award For Salvation By Reason of Pedophilia Award.

I have been called the next President, the smartest man on YouTube and a "masterful troll" but I ask you, "What is worse, that a Catholic does or does not enjoy foisting a rock hard engorged penis in the waiting screaming anal tube of an infant child?"

Is this a propensity that springs from just violence?

I ask you? 

As an addition, here is a short conversation I had with a "doctor" claiming that a healing "modality" called Acutronics is scientific and you should spend your money and hope upon it on no more than her word and her "case studies" that go no farther than demonstrating that people in pain feel relieved when they give people money to touch them with "healing vibrations," even if they never actually get better:

Dear Dr. Ellen F. Franklin
CEO Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC,

Thank you for the wonderful testimonials. I wonder if you have any more technical information about patient outcome after months and years? Maybe even medical reports? Do you do follow-ups of any kind of extensive nature commensurate with the ambitious claims being made and indeed the fairly technical lingo involved?  

Dear Rayn,

Thank you for your inquiry. Acutonics was developed at an Acupuncture College in Seattle Washington in the 1990's and we have more than twenty years of case study documentation of the therapeutic results achieved with this in-depth applied methodology. At the time of our initial research and development Acutonics was being tested in the leading trauma hospital and community clinics throughout the Seattle, WA area. Rooted in Classical Chinese Medicine, Acutonics applies specific sound vibrations to acupuncture points. We did not make up these testimonials they were written to us by people who have benefited tremendously from this approach to health and holism who wanted to share their personal stories with others. These personal narratives are reflective of the qualitative life changes experienced by clients and they are supported by case studies and research. Current studies underway include an MD and an acupuncturist (2 different studies) engaged in documenting the efficacy of Acutonics in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Research studies on pain are also very promising and my doctoral research with nurses also supports the use of Acutonics in cases of severe stress, pain and trauma. Oriental Medicine Journal, a leading publication is dedicating their Spring/Wood issue to Acutonics, with contributions from over 30 people speaking about the ways in which Acutonics has impacted their lives, health, and/or clinical work.

Our company was founded in 1997, and we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on March 17. In that time we have trained nurses, doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and massage and bodywork practitioners around the globe. They pursue full certification because of the results they see with their clients on a daily basis. Its interesting that you find our claims to be ambitions, as one of the comments made to me in my doctoral studies was that based on the documented results I had found with nurses I needed to make stronger claims about the efficacy of this applied methodology. Our belief is that an integrative approach to health and holism supports individuals in finding their unique path to living a balanced life.

In harmony,


Dr. Ellen F. Franklin
CEO Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC,



Do you have any peer reviewed data?


Ellen: "Yes."

Rayn: "Is yes the new no?"

Ellen back to Rayn:

"No, as I said yes, we do have peer reviewed materials. However, without knowing more about you, your professional background and credentials and why you are interested I have no interest in engaging with you further or sharing studies or peer reviewed articles with you.  I find the tone and nature of your inquiry to be very negative."


I see. Credulity opens up the vaults.


Charlatan. I would lock you up if I could.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Free Writing Session


The numinous grey cloud choked the sky out of existence and lay a film of speckled ash upon the face of never never land. At least, that seemed the idea behind waking up with a hangover and reaching for the marijuana cigarette at what deigned to look like a morning but could have really been the endless grey winter that threatened but never actually made good on its promise to give birth to spring - or, alternately, to find Spring's sweet rosette pussy and plough it like a fallow field ripe with possibilities for, among other things, heat and the incomparable scent of daffodils that can, it must be said, charm even the coldest heart. 


Never in my life had I ever abused myself with such violence. 

It was like all my former assignations had returned to tease from my body the hoped for satisfaction, the elusive bodily fluids that had heretofore escaped their palette. And I was their willing vessel, their sex god. Mine were only to unleash the unrequited frustration of some many years upon their waiting feminine flesh. If only they were here to enjoy it. 


Crisp as morning air upon the lungs. Clear as the break of day from a still night in a remote countryside, the soft neighing of horses, the bark of a dog (one to another) and then the cry of the rooster sounding its own prayer from its own minaret, calling man to that impulse with which all life unfolds - sex. 


Terrible as it may sound, I have never had a moment's thought for people who sleep under bridges or, for that matter, people who live lives of tireless devotion to wealth and society. Even movies fail to garner that much consideration for either, as though either were of a constellation of tastes, needs and hopes that utterly escaped even my imagination, one that had suffice to sate every thirst for travel and adventure that most everyone else had ever had, and so much so that it was rare to find anyone who could quite understand (or even wished to) my uncanny penchant for remaining quite unmoved by the advent of international flight, the passport or the perennial fetid charm of the hostel.


Last but not least was the tandem team of memories present and past competing for my affection. Memories were all dead, if you really thought about. They were ghosts that walked the earth by the ineffable light of one's own unrequited longings, things that might have been called romantic by some, I suppose, but which really constituted an entire faculty of perception and experience that bled like every fountain of the ingress of time into and beyond every bound of senses five, invigorating, sobering, inspiring, sorrowful, drawing out vision and sadness in equal measure and these of the predawn hour of some genesis only yet in its infancy, waiting like a fair maiden to be ravaged by the rooster and the crow, the hungry jowls of sleepless mouths at night opening and closing upon the faint premonition or portent of the very substance of life, a vanilla scented skin that parted for every deep thrust of malice, kindness and, ultimately, preternatural communion that one could summon (and must) though a payer from the Stygian volcanic lair of Satan himself.

- See Axiom 923 - The Voice of Man


I lied.